2016/ Arita — BIG-GAME Porcelain


2016/ Arita — BIG-GAME Porcelain

Using specialist skills found in the pottery town of Arita, Japan, the project titled 2016/ combines local artistry with international design talent to create everyday porcelain products. The project aimed to revive interest in and bring commerce back to this remarkable craft region.

In this specific collaboration, they worked with BIG-GAME, a design studio that describes their work as simple, functional and optimistic. With a roster of award-winning work for companies like HAY and Moustache, the Switzerland-based studio consists of three designers who also serve as professors at ECAL University of Arts and Design Lausanne.

Due to the limited edition nature of this collaboration, the pieces you see available here are the last remaining and will not be restocked. Please inquire for more photos if you do not see the piece you’re after displayed here, or please visit www.2016arita.jp/big-game


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