Faculty Department Vol. 2

Faculty Department Vol. 2

In 2014, SORT’s studio side, Faculty Research and Design Ltd., worked with photographer Justin Chung on the inaugural volume of Faculty Department and released the self published title around the world. It was significant turning point for our then two year old studio, as we got to showcase our work beyond our city and we were very encouraged by the positive response.
Since the 2014 release, Justin has continued to document stories of noteworthy individuals around the world and also in California, his new home since making the move westward. Within these past five years, both Justin and our team have gone through life changes that have shaped the theme for volume two of Faculty Department—“simple living with purpose”.
Esteban del Río, University of San Diego
Shoichiro Aiba, LIFE Restaurant
Ally Walsh & Casey Wojtalewicz, Canyon Coffee
Deborah Royer, Le Labo
Yunice Kang & Chris McElrath, Sanso / Contact Photo Lab
Jenna & Brad Holdgrafer, Formerly Yes
Patrick Johnson, P. Johnson Tailors
Ichiro Nakatsu, Orslow
Chris Gentile, Pilgrim Surf + Supply
Matt Dick, Small Trade Co.
Evan Kinori, Evan Kinori
Fanny Singer & Mariah Nielson, Permanent Collection
Kirill Bergart, County Ltd.
Julian Klincewicz, Film Maker
John Zabawa, Artist
Miro Chun, Miro Made This
Olivier Abry, Wo & Wé
Guy Okazaki, Surfboard Maker
Jessie James, Supply Paper Co.
Rosa Park & Rich Stapleton, Cereal
Hamish Smyth, Order
Niels Strøyer Christophersen, Frama
Harry Gesner, Architect


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