HASAMI Maruhiro Block Mug

HASAMI Maruhiro Block Mug

The mug that makes us feel somewhat nostalgic by just observing it, is made under the theme of public tableware that was used in American restaurants in the 60s.

The mugs are made in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is known as the “town of pottery,” by Mr. Kyohei Baba, who works every day on productions under the concept that states: “Products are made to be used, and we wish to make tools that are loved, well-used, and used up.”

With the intention of “being used and used on a daily basis,” products are made a little thicker compared to tableware in the market, as to make them break resistant even when they are roughly handled.

Since they can be stacked and stored, while they are microwavable and possible to be washed by dishwashers, they are practical tableware in our life.

Tall Size: Ø85xH95mm/300cc
Short Size: Ø85xH65mm/200cc