House Incense Pot

House Incense Pot

Handmade in Kyoto, Japan and designed by Nobuhiro Sato, these little mortar houses reflect the charming details of everyday life. This can be seen in the textural variations in the wood grain used in the forming process, the meticulous window glass and fences, and the incense smoke rising from each tiny chimney.

Enjoy the playfulness of each unique piece from this collection. Each type features different window arrangements and base colours, so please choose your favourite design.

Note: Colour unevenness due to wood grain and lye creates a warm and simple texture. The handmade nature means no two are the same and small imperfections are a part of the work’s texture.

Incense not included (cone-style incense recommended).
Dimensions: W50×D60×H95 mm
Made in Japan.


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