Ito Bindery Memo Block

Ito Bindery Memo Block

These exquisite paper blocks, each containing 350 tear-off sheets, are created by Ito Bindery of Japan. Ito Memo Blocks are fastened to a thick paperboard base made from recycled cardboard and precisely cut for perfectly straight edges. The smooth paper surface makes taking notes, sketching out ideas all the more satisfying. Good Design Award winner.

Available in three modular sizes that form a rectangular shape when combined. Paper options are white and grey.

Material: Paper sheets and recycled paperboard
Dimensions: 10.7 × 10.7 × 4.3 cm (S) | 15 × 10.7 × 4.3 cm (M) | 25.7 × 7.5 × 4.3 cm (L)
Made in Japan.


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