T-Lab Polepole Animal – Set

T-Lab Polepole Animal – Set

Designed in Japan, one by one the T-lab Polepole Animals are carved and crafted by hand in Bali, Indonesia out of a surprisingly light wood called Albizia (similar to Balsa wood). After a drying process, the solid wood forms are then sanded down to reveal a soft smooth surface and finished with delicate hand-painted details. The attention to detail and craft bring a level of warmth to each character as not one is exactly alike. They bring everyday joy valuing slowness; “polepole” means “slowly”.

Albizia wood is characterized by its soft and light properties and is one of the quickest growing trees, making it a more sustainable material than others. Tea Lab (T-lab) uses the trees they plant on their own farmland but also plants them as a way to give back to the earth.


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