As we begin the new year, we hope to share more of the music that we’ve enjoyed at home and in our store. You can listen to our playlist on Spotify.
  1. All Because of You, Bill Withers
  2. 坂道, Yuta Orisaka
  3. Khala My Friend, Amanaz
  4. Nobody, Mac DeMarco
  5. Soulless Friend, Peter Cat Recording Co.
  6. Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles
  7. 最初の日は, Mei Ehara
  8. Thankful For You, Andre Gibson & Universal Togetherness Band
  9. Planes, Boats and Trains, Andrew Jackman
  10. Oh I Miss Her So, Holy Hive & Mary Lattimore
  11. いる, Shintaro Sakamoto
  12. Hold On, John Lennon
  13. Rolled Up, Benny Sings & Mac DeMarco
  14. Sweetest Thing on This Side of Heaven, Papa Bear & His Cubs