While it is still cold in Vancouver, we're slowly beginning to see some new buds on our plants and the temperatures tease of warmer times to come. To welcome the Spring season, we wanted to share some of the tunes we've been listening to in our store and at home. You can listen to our playlist on Spotify.
  1. Lancaster Nights, Charlie Burg
  2. raw, LOONY
  3. Just the Way You Are, Billy Joel
  4. Sea Gets Hotter, Durand Jones & The Indications
  5. 風來吹, 水源
  6. It’s a Secret, Pearl Django
  7. ギター, Keiichi Sokabe
  8. In A Good Way, Faye Webster
  9. Morning Routine, Ghostrifter Official
  10. いつも雨, never young beach
  11. la la la that’s how it goes, HONNE
  12. Some Kinda Love, LOONY
  13. Inside Friend, Leon Bridges (feat. John Mayer)
  14. shoes, Jonah Yano, Tatsuya Muraoka