Slowing down is easy when the weather gets warmer. Finding little sun spots to briefly close the eyes and basking in that summer glow can temporarily transport you to a far away place. To welcome the month of June and the Pacific Northwest's spring/summer transition, we wanted to share this vibe via some tunes. You can listen to our playlist on Spotify.

  1. SUMMER BLUE, Bread And Butter
  2. Waste of Time, 9m88
  3. 夜間航路, fox capture plan
  4. Didn't I, Darondo
  5. Rock-A-Bye My Baby, Haruomi Hosono
  6. You're so Fine, Papa Bear & His Cubs
  7. 蓋なしの彼, mei ehara
  8. Don't Trust Me, the booyah! kids
  9. Like A Fable, Shintaro Sakamoto
  10. Rene De Marie, Triste Janero
  11. Rimember me, Step
  12. Bottom Of Tokyo, Wool & The Pants
  13. Hurry Up Now, Harumi