Ebb & Flow — Janice Wong Art & Ceramic Exhibition

We wanted to pass on a huge thank you to those who came to visit our year-end solo exhibition, Ebb and Flow, featuring the work of Janice Wong.

Janice Wong is a Vancouver-based multidisciplinary artist whose mediums include ceramics, painting, printmaking, drawing and photography. She has also been a dear friend to the SORT team ever since she walked through our doors years ago. We were honoured to showcase her distillation of forms through handcrafted ceramics, installed alongside a beloved two decade old paper art piece, Tian, and framed prints from her Mending series. It was an amazing experience to watch it all unfold at both exhibition locations — at our SORT store and ITSUMO’s newly opened concept space. A selection of web exclusive pieces were also featured here on sortdays.com for those who couldn’t physically visit, opening accessibility of Janice’s talents up to our customers across North America.

A special thanks to Teakan for demonstrating and serving single-origin specialty tea, and Daniel Muñoz for preparing an amazing array of delicious desserts for our guests to enjoy on opening day (we’ll never forget Janice’s favourite— Daniel’s addictive hazelnut chocolates). All the proceeds to our vendors were generously donated to the BC Cancer Foundation.

To everyone who came by for the opening and throughout the month-long exhibition during an undoubtedly very busy season, thank you once again. It’s our goal to host more community events at SORT and only your support makes it possible! We were lucky enough to keep a few of Janice Wong’s ceramic pieces in stock at the shop, please come by for a gander and make sure to check out Janice’s work at @janicewongstudio on Instagram and website.