Friends of SORT: Ja Tecson, Photographer

Introducing Friends of SORT, a companion series to our monthly rotating homepage picks selected by community members that inspire us. While the picks are fleeting, we wanted to use our Journal space to celebrate these individuals, all of whom have helped to uplift our little shop in so many ways.

This month, we invited our dear friend Ja Tecson to curate his favourite objects for April. Needless to say, we were extremely thrilled when he obliged.

Ja in particular is truly a day one SORT supporter. As an LA born and raised photographer, his work is rich in art, culture, and a true appreciation for the subject matter in his frame. This distinct perspective has led him to work with the likes of Nike, Beats by Dre, Staple Pigeon, and Stussy.


We first met Ja on a photoshoot in Copenhagen where he was on assignment for one of our studio clients. Outside of the busy shooting schedule, we found some time to explore the city as well. As we walked through one of the most renowned places for design, it was clear we shared a love for design objects.

With a commitment to making every day an adventure, we see this unfolding especially in his shares of life as a dad to two bouncy and smart kids, Ash and Sky. The adoration he has for his wife, Bev, can be felt from across the universe, and his friends near and far are also sent abundant amounts. It’s certainly that kind of full-hearted love Ja exudes that makes the world spin.


We appreciate this human deeply and can’t wait until a reunion is afoot, whether that’s in Los Angeles or Vancouver. Without further ado, please feast your eyes on a few selects of his work and have a sift through his April objects on our homepage.

A few beautiful words he had to share about his picks:

I love that product has this capacity to be connective. This month I’ve thought about objects and the personal memories that come with them. Coffee with my wife. Art projects with the kids. Looking through design books in the office. Here are some personal picks that I hope will inspire new moments in your life.


Photo 1/portrait of Ja by Rosanna Peng
Photos 2-6 by Ja Tecson
Photos 7-8 of Ja and his family visiting us at SORT 🙂